Share a lot

I recently read this blog on how the best developers share more than they take and found it quite inspiring. In that article, the author claims these type of sharers appears to have this mentality even before entering the career of development. I'm taking this as an opportunity (and a sign) to write more. I write often for myself and have always wanted to produce more content for a blog and I feel now is the time.

I've recently been experimenting with a few React animation libraries and also getting into WebGL. These two muses have similar end goals but very different implementations. React animation libraries really bring UI's to life while WebGl can thrust a user into a completely different experience. I've started a course on frontend-masters on creative coding and it's introduced me to things like this:

A friend also recently introduced me to react-three-fiber which looks like a very promising react wrapper for Three.js. I'll probably be jumping into this very soon since React has been my bread and butter the last few years and I still very much enjoy working with it.

I guess this in an official kick off to creating more content here and possibly elsewhere on the internet. Cheers!